LDPS will continue online-learning throughout the entire 3rd Quarter. 

We were hoping for a return on Monday, January 25th, after the Tribal Ordinance expired on Wednesday, January 20th. However, the Northern Cheyenne tribe issued a new ordinance on Wednesday, January 14th, 2021, that will extend the President's executive order extending the emergency restrictions and guidelines for an additional  60  days. In addition, to prepare for reopening, both schools surveyed the parents/guardians of students and roughly 50% were uncomfortable sending their students back to school under the current circumstances.  

We are now projecting our return to school on Monday, March 22nd, 2021. Again, as in all things, this too may change. Thank you all for your patience, support, understanding and guidance through this school year. We know many of you may be disappointed, while many are relieved. And it's completely fine if you feel both, of course. These decisions aren't easy, and we appreciate all of your feedback. Each and every voice is important, just as each and every one of your student's voices are important. All voices lend to become a piece of our collective work that is our Lame Deer schools, so, thank you! We are a TEAM, above all else!  

Thanks also to our Tribal leaders,  making the best decisions on behalf of our LDPS team and our students.