Due to positive cases of Co-Vid at the JH/HS, we will be closing the JH/HS beginning Friday, January 14, 2022 up to and including Tuesday, January 18th, 2022. JH/HS Students: Students, you will be in Remote Learning, so please wait to hear from your teachers and/or Principal on the actual logistics of how they want this plan (remote learning, chromebooks, packets) to look over the next few days. Student lunches: will be available for pickup, everyday, beginning Friday, January 14th, 2022 at 11 am to 1pm, at the Elementary Cafeteria doors. Buses : will continue to run, and may be delivering packets to those students who cannot make it into town to pick packets up, or have faulty internet. There will be no games, no practices, no away games, no student trips, etc. until after Tuesday, January 18th, 2022. The CDC is recommending a 5-day quarantine, so having our students, teachers, staff, who may have been exposed to Co-Vid, off at away games and trips, completely defeats the purpose of closing the schools. Please stay safe, stay home as much as possible, mask up, and socially distance. Not adhering to quarantining stipulations completely defeats the purpose of closing schools, so please do your best to keep everyone safe and healthy so we can return to school as soon as possible. Thank you! Marcy Cobell LDPS Superintendent
6 days ago, Lame Deer Public Schools
Greetings! The Lame Deer Elementary Library, Head Start and Woodenlegs Library have been working very hard with Dr. Anthony Chow of San Jose University on a grant to place 3 Little Free Libraries around Lamedeer. At each location, free of charge, you may find books of all reading levels to take and enjoy. When you finish you may bring them back for others to read...or pass them on to a friend. All books found in a Little Free Library are always free. Our goal as librarians is to promote literacy to young children. One of the best ways is for a little-one to see grownups reading too! So grab a book and enjoy! Joe Roth, Elementary Librarian Adrienne Violett, Woodenlegs Librarian Roberta Harris, Head Start
4 months ago, Lame Deer Public Schools
LDHS Graduation Class of 2021, your yearbook is here! Contact Ms. Legg for your free book!
4 months ago, Lame Deer Public Schools
Reading Nation Community Survey: Information for the community for our new Little Free Libraries being set up at the Lame Deer Elementary, Headstart and Dull Knife. Those who reply will be entered into a drawing for gift certificates and one Ipad Mini also. https://5il.co/y55y https://5il.co/y55z
5 months ago, Lame Deer Public Schools
Reading Nation Community Survey
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